Do DevOps engineers dream of electric sheep?

Thought can be an interesting thing. I’ve seen it described by other people many different ways. I often wonder how others think and what their patterns hold. I picture how thought changes through creativity, construction, and engineering. I often think about how my focus and thought manifests into what I do and have been trying to maintain self-awareness to hone the skill of thought.

In order to keep up with a very demanding and stressful work life, I found myself trying to figure out how to build connections in my mind for solutions faster. I often see a landscape of symbols and words in my minds eye, but seem to shift to voiced thought when narrowing in on a solution. I wonder if this is an indication of different centers of the brain working toward a solution.

Sometimes my thoughts are short value lookups like, “Document – Drawing – Component – Diagram” and I eventually remember what the heck I was looking for. It can be a little daunting at first to cognitively know I need the component diagram for the thing I am working on, but my brain seems to want to jump through mental gymnastics to get to it. Recall from mind glacier is expensive and exhausting!

Its fun to imagine and daydream landscapes of boredom and fill the canvas with incredible journeys. I’ve always had fun imagining deep cinematic level scenes in my mind and ponder the tiny intricacies of devices and what goes into making them work. I enjoy the fractals of data the brain can play out and try to embrace these thoughts the most. It seems most of my skillset is born in day dream, at least the architecture and design side.

This blog post was not really anything special, just some random stray thoughts about thoughts to fill your head from mine. How do you think to yourself? Does it change based on application? Do you daydream about landscapes and fill them with objects? Maybe you think in words played back in an instant recall buffer. Is that voice yours or someone else?

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